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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Our Last Days as Hoofs & Woofs

Hoofs and Woofs Pet Sitting has now become the new, Loudoun Pet Sitting Company! Be sure to visit http://www.loudounpetsitting.com/ to take a look at our new website and https://www.facebook.com/theLoudounPetSittingCo/ to follow us on Facebook and Blogger, as this page will not be active very soon.

We will be offering the same dedication and service to our clients, now with a new name. Thank you for your continued support!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Exciting News Coming In the New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our clients and their pets! Thank you for another wonderful year in 2017 and your continued support. We are thrilled to announce that big changes are in the works for this new year, so stay tuned to learn more as soon as the details are ready!

Monday, December 18, 2017

7 Ways to Make the Holidays Safer for Pets

"​Nothing can spoil holiday cheer like an emergency visit to a veterinary clinic. These seven tips can help prevent a holiday disaster with your pets." That's why we're sharing an article from the AVMA to help you prepare and be aware of things that can cause issues for your pets, to keep this year's holiday celebration happy and safe for everyone!

Click here to learn seven tips to help make the holidays safer for your pet! To learn more about our professional dog walking, farm sitting and pet sitting services visit: http://hoofsandwoofspets.com/

Monday, December 11, 2017

Top 10 Tips to Prepare Your Horse Farm for Winter

Even though the official first day of winter hasn't happened yet winter has begun and it's important to make sure that you have prepped your farm, no matter the size, for the long few months of cold ahead. We love our farm clients and want to help make this winter as easy as possible! In order to do that we are sharing this article from Farm Bureau Financial Services entitled 'Top 10 Tips to Prepare Your Farm for Winter.'

To learn more about our services visit: http://hoofsandwoofspets.com/

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Good morning,

Today we are sharing an article from Dogtrailia entitled 'Chilly Dawg! Caring for your dog this winter' which talks about some tips for keeping your pet healthy as the temperatures begin to drop.

"For us dog owners –  winter’s a time when our beloved babies need a little extra care. Despite the fact our domestic dogs have all evolved from wolves – it certainly doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the cold the way wolves are. In fact, hypothermia among dogs is more common than you’d think. Contrary to popular belief – a fur coat does not mean your dog is properly protected from the winter climate. Many breeds have lovely plush coats to touch and look at –  that are actually very poor insulators against the cold."

To learn more about some tips for keeping your dog warm this winter, like feeding them more protein in their diet, visit the article link here!  If you are in the Middleburg, Virginia or surrounding area and want some extra help caring for your pets this winter, give us a call!  Call or Text: 703-951-7387 or visit us online at: www.hoofsandwoofspets.com.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Things Your Dog is Thankful For

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and while we are all thankful for our pets we know that our pets are also thankful to us! Here are five fun suggestions of thanks from our pets, shared from a blog on Bella's House Sitting. Enjoy!

1.) Snuggles and Pets – I like way we cuddle in the bed or on the couch and the way you hold my head when you’re watching TV.  It doesn’t get much better than a warm lap and a soft blanket basked in the soft glow of the TV.  It makes happy when you scratch that special place behind my ear, oh yeah just like that!  It’s perfect.  Snuggling with you is really the best part of the day.

2.) Treats under the table – Now you may think I’m saying this one just to set you up for some Thanksgiving treats, but that’s not it at all (okay, well, maybe just a little bit).  But, really, I do love it when you let me sample your food!  I feel like a part of the family when I get to try what you’re eating and feel marvelous when you think of me at dinner time.

3.) Walks and Playtime – Sometimes all those treats at the table catch up with us and we need some exercise.  I love it when you take time out of our busy days to walk with me.  What I love even more is playing catch and tug a war with you.

4.) Car rides – Car rides with you are the best!  I love sticking my head out of the window and letting the breeze flow.  It’s even better when we’re taking a ride to the park where we can walk and play!

5,) Belly Rubs – Yeah yeah yeah, this one is my favorite.  I absolutely love it when I flop on by back and you rub and pat my belly.  It’s so comforting and I always feel like the most loved pup in the world.  It makes my day to know that you love me too!

If you are looking for a reliable, professional pet sitter then feel free to give us a call! Learn more about our midday visits and farm services at: www.hoofsandwoofspets.com

Monday, November 13, 2017

Black Friday Deals For Pets!

We all know that Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and that means time spent with family, friends and of course our pets! It also means another Black Friday is coming and the potential to save is at hand! For those of you who love a great deal, especially when buying items for your pets, we are sharing with you some Black Friday 2017 pet sale items so you can plan your shopping accordingly! Have fun!

Going away to shop for Black Friday? Need someone to walk your pet while you are gone that day? Contact us to learn more about our pet sitting services and our holiday hours at, www.hoofsandwoofspets.com